Our Story

Seager Group Search delivers efficient and effective search and recruitment service to progressive, dynamic, emerging Life Science and Clinical Diagnostics companies globally. We are highly particular about whom we represent, whether client companies or candidates. In short, our team strives to work with the “Best.” We define ourselves by our unwavering dedication and perseverance in facilitating connections that will ultimately enhance the future of our clients and advance the professional lives of our candidates.

In working with us, you will know that we are dialed in and focus on what matters most.

our team

john seager

managing partner
clinical recruiting

John founded the firm in December 2005 after 11 successful years within the recruitment industry. John has specialized within the Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing, Proteomics, Genetic Testing, and Diagnostics segments of the Biotechnology industry for the past 17 years since the firm’s inception. He is responsible for the strategic leadership required to continually strengthen the team’s capability to deliver a superior level of service to its specific core clients.

The ultimate goal of Seager Group Search is to earn the trust of our clients and candidates with intense focus upon the principles of integrity, ethics, and professionalism that have all too often been ignored within the recruitment industry.

John was nominated and accepted to join The Pinnacle Society in 2013. The Pinnacle Society is the nation’s premier consortium of the top 75 recruiters within the search industry in North America. He is proud of his association with this group of the “best and brightest” within the search profession.

John received dual undergraduate degrees in Political Science and International Studies from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

John loves everything about the water: scuba diving, fly fishing, boating, and watching glistening waves under a sunrise or a sunset. He is a gifted artist although he can never find enough time for his art. He adores his time with his three children Noah, Evie, and Wyatt and has injured himself more times not acting his age than he would care to admit. And he loves walks with his beautiful wife, Kristen and their bluetick coonhound named Blueberry Cobbler “berry.”

kristen seager

director, special projects
and recruitment

Kristen joined Seager Group Search at inception when the firm was launched in December 2005. Kristen previously enjoyed a successful sales position within pharmaceuticals. She earned bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing at Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio. Kristen has networked with candidates through the Biotechnology industry since early 2006. She adds the “personal touch” to our relationships with our candidates.

Yoga has been Kristen’s passion and has been an instructor since 2005. Yoga has helped her live a more balanced and centered life even throughout the circus of motherhood. Kristen adores her children, Evelyn and Wyatt and their hound, Berry and she thrives as the household chaos manager. She loves spending time at their lake house in Marblehead and is at peace spending time on their boat. And she likes her husband too.

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.”